Address:m. Kyiv, prosp. Pavla Tychyny, 18v
Phone number: +38 (044) 3382014 , +38 (050) 4434547

Currently, the company operates five directions.

* Grounding Systems (ES) - calculation, production GALMAR supply of materials, installation of grounding devices for different purposes.

* The external lightning protection (external BR) - calculation, supply of materials and production GALMAR AH Hardt, installation of the external lightning protection.

* Internal lightning - arresters (internal BR) - calculation, production Leutron supply switches and shields Surge Protection (PZIP), installation of internal lightning protection.

* Design - calculation and design of earthing, external and internal lightning protection facilities of all types and purposes.

* Training Center specializes in the organization and conduct of paid training in the following areas:
- Design and calculation of grounding devices, external and internal BR facilities;
- BR safe distance, especially the foundation ground and other ”thin” issues;
- Work with software WE RiskManagement PAL62305RM to assess the risk of lightning strike and its effect on different objects in accordance with ISO IEC 62305-2: 2012.

Classes are held by professional teachers with extensive teaching experience.
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GALMAR CBM Technology, AH Hardt